c++ 正则表达式

Submitted by lepton on Wed, 12/26/2018 - 13:47


1.      “.”: 匹配除"\n"之外的任何单个字符,若要匹配包括"\n"在内的任意字符,需使用诸如"[\s\S]"之类的模式;

2.       “^”:匹配输入字符串的开始位置,不匹配任何字符,要匹配”^”字符本身,需使用”\^”;

3.      “$”:匹配输入字符串结尾的位置,不匹配任何字符,要匹配”$”字符本身,需使用”\$”;

4.      “*”: 零次或多次匹配前面的字符或子表达式,”*”等效于”{0,}”,如”\^*b”可以匹配”b”、”^b”、”^^b”、…;

5.      “+”: 一次或多次匹配前面的字符或子表达式,等效于”{1,}”,如”a+b”可以匹配”ab”、”aab”、”aaab”、…;

6.      “?”: 零次或一次匹配前面的字符或子表达式,等效于”{0,1}”,如”a[cd]?”可以匹配”a”、”ac”、”ad”; 当此字符紧随任何其他限定符”*”、”+”、”?”、”{n}”、”{n,}”、”{n,m}”之后时,匹配模式是"非贪心的"。"非贪心的"模式匹配搜索到的、尽可能短的字符串,而默认的"贪心的"模式匹配搜索到的、尽可能长的字符串。如,在字符串"oooo"中,"o+?"只匹配单个"o",而"o+"匹配所有"o";

boost install with cxx14 support

Submitted by lepton on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 15:13

by default boost has build with cxx11 support on mac 10.13 high sierra with xcode 9.4

to avoid link errors with c++14,it should build with c++14 support

./bootstrap.sh  --prefix=path

./b2 link=static cxxflags="-std=c++14" -d+2 stage

// ./b2 .....

//./b2 install


//on gentoo may has    error: "none" is not a known value of feature

//this because boost installed and the file /usr/share/boost-build/site-config.jam

//add this --ignore-site-config

gentoo l2tp ipsec client

Submitted by lepton on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 16:38


###connect to unbutu strongswan xl2tpd

emerge libreswan xl2tpd


conn xxx
    right= # internet ip
    rightid= #



@vpn.l2tp %any : PSK "******"



Ubuntu 16.04 l2tp ipsec

Submitted by lepton on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 08:38

sudo apt-get install strongswan xl2tpd ppp


conn L2TP-PSK






left= use local ip




: PSK "12345678"


[lns default] ; Our fallthrough LNS definition

ip range = ; * Allocate from this IP range

local ip = ; * Our local IP to use

Gatekeeper spctl

Submitted by lepton on Mon, 12/04/2017 - 09:28


可能因為 Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor 的出現,Apple 取消了System Preferences > Security & Privacy 中 Gatekeeper 允許執行任何來源應用程式,但是 Gatekeep 是可以用 terminal 來關閉,達到容許執行任何來源應用程式(也包括病毒),請小心使用。

打開 Terminal
輸入 sudo spctl --master-disable

回復 Gatekeeper 功能:
打開 Terminal
輸入 sudo spctl --master-enable


 To check whether Mail.app is allowed to run on the local system:
           spctl -a /Applications/Mail.app

     To allow Frobozz.app to run on the local system:
           spctl --add --label "My Stuff" /Applications/Frobozz.app